How Aladdin Should Have Ended (1992) by How It Should Have Ended - 5 months ago

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Hey Aladdin, maybe don't leave phenomenal cosmic power just laying around.
Special Thanks to Jamie Costa for guest voicing the Genie

Thanks to Ruben DeLuna and his team for animating this episode.

If you are curious where the Endgame HISHE is, rest assured the episode is and HAS BEEN in production. It will likely be as long as our Infinity War Episode if not longer. It will take time to build, as all our episodes do when we have to construct new character assets and backgrounds. And I don't know if you are aware of this but Endgame has a cast of like 60,000 people and they all have different haircuts now! okay maybe not that many but it's a BUNCH! Anyway I promise we are working as best we can and we want to make something that people will enjoy.

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