[KPOP IN PUBLIC] ATEEZ (에이티즈) HALA HALA Dance Cover by O4A from AUSTRALIA by OneForAll - 4 months ago

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Literally 8 of us are all from different dance crews here to make something magical happen! owo This has to be the most fun we've all had while creating a cover as we are all Ateez fanboys!

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SAN - Jonah [LUDA] @jonah2323
HONGJOONG - Loueji [Chicnlttl] @loueji
YUNHO - Wing [UKC] @wing.ago
JONGHO - Justin [Konnct Crew] @jayy.filmss
SEONGHWA - Adam [Be.7] @adam_zhou135
WOOYOUNG - Dion [UKC] @dion.tt
YEOSANG - Brian [Konnct Crew] @brian.tt
MINGI - Ben [Nerve Dance Crew] @yenjamin_

Filmed by Will @Cyion1031
Edited by Jess @jla.oh
Makeup by Sally and Lia uwu

Instagram: @oneforall.dancecrew http://instagram.com/oneforalldancecrew

E-mail: [email protected]

Henlo we don't own this music, this is a dance cover supporting our boys Ateez! We are super excited to see them live in Melbourne soon. It's crazy how well they are doing since debut. Hopefully this doesn't get copyrighted yesh yesh