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BTS or Bangtan Boys (방탄소년단) wouldn't be so popular without their huge bts army. Find out who dates who! All want to know their real life partners. RM, formerly known as Rap Monster, revealed that he used to have a girlfriend in high school but she broke his heart because she had too many guy friends and that made him always doubt. When guys from the band were asked which BTS member they would date if they were girls, most of them named Jimin, because he's very gentle, attentive and even obeys his gf. Jungkook thinks himself very competitive and he Hope's his girlfriend will also have the desire to compete. Suga is an active supporter of LGBT rights and even hinted at his own bisexuality in one of the interviews. You'll definitely be surprised when you find out what connects Anne Hathaway and Jin. If you want to find out who is RM girlfriend, Jimin girlfriend, Jungkook girlfriend, V girlfriend, J-Hope, J-Hope girlfriend, Suga girlfriend, Jin girlfriend watch this video.
Here are all BTS girlfriends!

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