The Making Of BTS' 방탄소년단 "Euphoria" With DJ Swivel | Deconstructed by Genius - 11 months ago

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South Korean boyband BTS completed its Love Yourself series in July with ’Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’.' One of the new songs on the repackaged album is “Euphoria,” a solo track featuring Jungkook singing about young love and new beginnings. It features production from the group’s frequent collaborator DJ Swivel, who also had a hand in other album tracks such as “Answer: Love Myself” and “I’m Fine.”

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Executive Producer: Felicia Kelley
Creative Director: Andrew Oppeneer
Producer: Ndeye Thioubou
Director/Editor: Justin Hogan
Shooter: Mike Marasco
Shooter: Luis Ferra
Production Assistant: Dave Bohack

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